Differential Brands Group Inc. (DFBG)

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简介:Differential Brands Group Inc.


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Just-a-Novice2018-06-27 22:09

$Differential Brands Group Inc. (DFBG)$ 这个新闻意外么?一点儿都不。
DFBG backed by Tengram Capital Partners and is the only public company in TCP’s portfolio. In DFBG的corporate presentation, TCP’s five year plan for DFBG is to achieve $700 mln revenue, keep mid teen E...


慢步投资路2018-06-27 18:04

沒太明白,利标市值才22亿港元,付13.8亿美元去买利标的业务,还不如直接溢价收购利标?//@管我财:回复@rudy71:買家為Differential Brands Group Inc.,一 家 於 納 斯 達 克 資 本 市 場 上 市 的 公 司,股 票 代 號 為 DFBG。
$Differential Brands Group Inc. (DFBG)$ 市值一千多萬元[吐...

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$CENTRIC BRANDS INC(DFBG)$ 8-K - Current report Filed: 2018-11-09 AccNo: 0001144204-18-058821 Size: 148 KBItem 1.01: Entry into a Material Definitive AgreementItem 3.02: Unregistered Sales of Equity SecuritiesItem 5.02: Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of ...


$CENTRIC BRANDS INC(DFBG)$ 8-K - Current report Filed: 2018-11-02 AccNo: 0001144204-18-057097 Size: 303 KBItem 5.05: Amendments to the Registrant's Code of Ethics, or Waiver of a Provision of the Code of EthicsItem 7.01: Regulation FD DisclosureItem 8.01: Other EventsItem...