$Compugen医疗(CGEN)$ $Evogene(EVGN)$ $BiomX(PHGE)$ 黑科技层出不穷的迦南之地3剑客,200each h 前菜,潜力无限。注意风险!ARK 都有较大仓位



Takeabreak2021-03-03 23:16

The $48.2 million does not include $28.0 million received after year end from the company's "At the Market Offering" (ATM) initiated in January 2021 and concluded during February 2021. The weighted average selling price under the ATM offering was $7.36 per share. As a result of such offering, Evogene exhausted the remaining amount under the shelf prospectus filed in July 2020.

Wendyliuvjo2021-02-27 11:32

Cgen被卖的好惨啊!但也说明一个问题,被卖的惨的不一定不好,木头姐难道不知道,cgen翻倍比特斯拉容易嘛! 加了点evgn。