BI:Congratulations, Groupon!

Huge congratulations to the entire team at Groupon.

What you've accomplished in the last three years is nothing short of remarkable.

You've invented a whole new industry
You've built one of the fastest-growing companies in history
You've created more than 10,000 jobs
You've generated more $1 billion of annual revenue
You've helped hundreds of thousands of companies get boatloads of new customers
You've brought deals to tens of millions of consumers
You've helped inspire a new generation of startups and entrepreneurs
You've weathered a firestorm of criticism, and
You've gone public at nearly a $15 billion valuation
In short, you've created something massive and important and dynamic out of nothing.

No, you're not done. Yes, there will be tough times ahead. No, it won't be easy. But then nothing worth doing ever is.

America needs more companies like you, Groupon.