close position of 23800 LP, still bearish after french election

成手都係23800 long put$恒生指数(HKHSI)$ still waiting 無懼4天假期

see my trading idea in tradingview for better presentation, xueqiu is rubbish for that$新兴市场ETF-iShares(EEM)$

恒生指數期貨(九月)日市 23,872+39 (+0.16%)低水486short is the crowded trade????

reflation trade is over guys, according to Julian Brigden, sell $紫金矿业(02899)$ $金属采矿ETF-SPDR(XME)$ disclaimer: i dont have position on those

sold LC 242@260

long期權真係好大壓力, 好辛苦, 下次還是玩call spread

rate hike = market upupupupupup

now long term target 28$恒指波幅指数(HKVHSI)$

lol! linear thinking of ppl

ism manu 1987年上到60之後才黑色星期一, 2017 可能一樣道理$标普500ETF-SPDR(SPY)$ and 10 yr bond have to reach 3%

wtf ism man 57.7 omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time to long call$新兴市场ETF-iShares(EEM)$

guys time to short call$恒生指数(HKHSI)$

watch usdhkd with breakout

恆指要挾我淡倉, 好大機會會假突破$新兴市场ETF-iShares(EEM)$

$恒指波幅指数(HKVHSI)$ see dive to 12 and i already short HSI for 4 months, still waiting..