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Tailored Brands(TLRD.US)Q4扭亏为盈,财测大幅不及预期

智通财经APP获悉,零售公司Tailored Brands(TLRD.US)公布财报,四季度盈利620万美元,合每股收益12美分,上一年同期亏损49.9万美元,合每股亏损1美分。 财报显示,其四季度经税收收益调整后的每股亏损为28美分;收入从上年的8.599亿美元... 网页链接

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$Tailored Brands(TLRD)$ 内部交易: 2019-10-10,Brand 总裁,TMW and Moores,Ask Carrie Ann ,买入,17000普通股, $3.78

$Tailored Brands(TLRD)$ 内部交易: 2019-10-10,EVP and General Counsel,Rhodes A Alexander ,买入,13369普通股, $3.87

$Tailored Brands(TLRD)$ SC 13G/A [Amend] - Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals Filed: 2019-10-10 AccNo: 0001144204-19-047896 Size: 13 KB 网页链接

$Tailored Brands(TLRD)$ 8-K - Current report Filed: 2019-09-11 AccNo: 0001558370-19-008571 Size: 1 MBItem 2.02: Results of Operations and Financial ConditionItem 9.01: Financial Statements and Exhibits 网页链接