$Coinbase Global(COIN)$ 有大佬知道pow共识在切换到pos共识或者其它共识机制的时候,区块数据是如何在切换的时候兼容的呢?或者有什么本质的变化[哭泣]



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Socyrus04-11 15:08

如果miners最后还是觉得不更新的话,eth可能只能hard fork了

Socyrus04-11 15:03

我在网上看到这段。While Bitcoin will remain POW, Ethereum is planning to adopt the POS consensus, but the transition is not going too smoothly. The London hard fork initiated back in August was supposed to begin a gradual rise in mining difficulty that would essentially reduce the control GPU miners have over the network and tangentially ease the pressure on the GPU demand. Unfortunately, the NFT craze prompted a huge boom in energy consumption on the mining side, even though the mining rewards are already declining. On top of that, the “difficulty bomb” that was supposed to occur this December, has been pushed to June 2022 or even beyond. 大意是说miners拒绝更新,因为更新过后他们的gpu就没用了。

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