This is a non event (cancelation of self-registration).  If anything, it's a postivie signe - RAD no longer needs the access to the emergency cash so it closes the funding source to stop this expensive option.

The deal will close.  It will be a split decision among the two FTC commissioners (which is still an approal vs outright 2-0 decision) with the republican chairwoman casting her yes vote.  WBA will only do the absolutely necessary minimum to gain the approval.  As it stands now It still leaves room for further negotiation even after certifying the compliance.  Worst case, it will force RAD to agree an again lowered price to close it out (a guess is between $5.5 to $6.5/per share). RAD will comply because of lack of better alternative.  Chances are it won't need it.

Shall we see after 60 days!//@从革:回复@从革:$来德爱(RAD)$ 之前雪球IT的问题,都纳入专栏了,很多人看不到。没办法,滑稽人总做滑稽事
前天$来德爱(RAD)$ 出了一个RW, 取消了shelf-registration。没有任何媒体报道,但是未必不是一条大新闻。 shelf-registration简单来说,就是说公司在『壳』下注册发行债务,以备未来出现大量资金需求时快速切入战场。所以我就很感兴趣地稍微翻了一下,这个债到底是怎么来的? 当时仔细一看,发现...


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不必翻译了, 紧管买进。 Think it as a test of your will.

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