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$Lithium Americas(LAC)$ $生科3X做多-Direxion(LABU)$ $罗素2000价值股指数ETF-iShares(IWN)$ So our basic materials team, they've done a lot of work looking at the demand for EV vehicles. And so we think that by 2030, about 2/3 of all new global auto production will be electrified, whether that's going to be a hybrid or a battery electric vehicle.

And so when we look at the amount of lithium that's being produced today and how much they expect to come online over the next decade, we think the lithium market is going to be pretty significantly undersupplied over the next decade. And so some of those lithium producers we think are pretty undervalued. So Lithium Americas will probably be our favorite pick there, but also looking at some of the-- Albemarle would be another one that we currently rate four stars. Livent, SQM would be some others that we would highlight

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$Lithium Americas(LAC)$ 是我们最好的选择。在2023年 美国即便萧条的情况下。