TILSON: We Just Bought More $Netflix(NFLX)$ And 'We Think The Market Is Giving Us A Gift'
Simone Foxman

Whit­ney Tilson announced on CNBC today that T2 Part­ners has been adding to its hold­ings of Net­flix, despite lousy Q2 guid­ance in an earn­ings report it released last night. Because of this, the stock has been get­ting killed today.

But Tilson argued today that Q2 is a typ­i­cal­ly sour peri­od for Net­flix, and that the com­pa­ny's strat­e­gy and fun­da­men­tal strengths haven't changed:

"When [a stock] gets cheap­er and the story stays the same, we actu­al­ly add to it, which is exact­ly what we did with Net­flix. We don't look to the mar­ket for sig­nals, we do our own analy­sis. And by the way, the stock—even after today's decline—right now—the stock start­ed the year under 70 dol­lars. So the stock is up almost 30 per­cent this year. It's one of our biggest win­ners, so we think the mar­ket is giv­ing us a gift. It gave us a huge gift ear­li­er this year, we har­vest­ed and banked a lot of prof­it, and now we're get­ting anoth­er bite at the apple. So thank you, Mr. Market."

Then again, Tilson also made a bad call on Net­flix last year, short­ing the stock right before it soared, and cov­er­ing his bet right before share price fell dra­mat­i­cal­ly.