Thank you everyone, time for me to go to work. If you have any further questions or comments or tips please email me at info@citronresearch.com查看全文

I spoke with direct competitors of HAO360 who are afraid to go on the record because of CEO history of litigation//@klukoff:对 @CitronResearch In your latest report, you stated that Citron had obtained some previously undisclosed material. Can you share which Chinese companie...查看全文

NO NO NO NEVER//@klukoff:对 @CitronResearch After you lock down a target, do you cooperate with funds to create a short position and split the profits?查看全文

Of course I studied the difference, go look at RENN games, they are NOT social games it is a direct comparison...I will prove games in another report//@klukoff:对 @CitronResearch In considering QIHU's ARPU, did Citron investigate the huge differences between web games, MMOs, ...查看全文

I Love what I do but I also BUY stocks and I am more passionate about My family and being a good father ... Short selling is My job but it does not define Me//@klukoff:对 @CitronResearch How did you get into the business of short-selling? Are you passionate about what you do?查看全文

i know what i read in the filings, qihu is one company that if you ask 5 poeple what they do you get 6 answers查看全文

I would be interested in seeing that report from Mirae that would have to be from today...I find that hard to believe strictly looking at DANG quarter filings and their marketing spend查看全文

回复@hotashang: The stock market is not a day to day....I understand perfectly and believe i QIHU will trade below $10 sooner than later//@hotashang:@CitronResearch: This year the price of a lot of china listed company decline sharply, such as renn, sina, cis, taom, ctrp, you...查看全文

回复@bullseye:There is rampant fraud except those stories are over covered, I stay focused on these stories because no major newspaper follows them//@bullseye:回复@CitronResearch: Can you kindly disclose anything in regards with your hero Citron business of which investors ha...查看全文

回复@传说中的那个男人:I am 100% confident//@传说中的那个男人:回复@CitronResearch: Andrew, we're all seen the 'report card'. Citron had been wrong before. How confident are you on this one?//@hotashang:@CitronResearch: Could you show some references or assumptions regarding th...查看全文

回复@swigger:it is not a big business, could be an initiative but a business cannot have the word free in it//@swigger:回复@CitronResearch: you said the reason why you short qihoo is that qihoo's software is not their business.however, do you know tencent (HK0700)? they offer...查看全文

回复@Iwaving:Once I read the Longtop filings, just like the QIHU filings, I could not believe my eyes that investors believed what I was reading. If something seems to good to be is. Longtop was doing MUCH better than their competition and so is QIHU//@Iwaving:@Citr...查看全文

回复@bullseye:We are involved in all companies Chinese and US...Also, I do not cover my stocks when I put out a story, my stories are long term situations sometimes//@bullseye:@CitronResearch - What's the benefit that driven you short selling and attacking Chinese company all...查看全文

回复@InSyDeMe:I believe the main premise being hao123 is to drive traffic to BIDU search, and make some money on the site. but search works and is the focus of bidu//@InSyDeMe:CitronResearch: A little problem: do you really understand the price of So do you know w...查看全文

回复@bullseye:I am not a public company, but we do disclose we trade stocks, that does not mean we do not have a responsibility to tell the truth. We have been doing this 10 years.//@bullseye:@CitronResearch - the answer to the topics "Why does Citron short sell Chinese compa...查看全文

回复@水松:I think that number is not true and will prove it in future reports//@水松:@CitronResearch What's your point of view about Qihoo's web game business after Qihoo claimed ARPU is RMB380?查看全文

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