SVB Financial Group下一步会发生什么?


1.One possibility is that the government steps in to remove uncertainty around uninsured deposits by making everyone whole and then liquidating the remaining asset portfolio to recoup the funds. This could be seen as a popular move and may be favored by the Biden administration.

2. Another scenario is a potential "white knight" situation, where a company such as Berkshire Hathaway or J.P. Morgan steps in and bids on SVB's assets at a deep discount (potentially with the government's guarantee), but enough to cover depositors, effectively wiping out everyone else.

3. The worst-case scenario would be a contagion effect, but given the Federal Reserve's mandate to maintain a stable financial system, it is likely they will take action at the earliest sign of market stress. The 2008 financial crisis showed that it was more costly to rescue the entire banking system than to save a single bank. I'm sure FDIC is already asking Wall Street firms to submit bids for parts of SVB's asset book, but if there isn't strong demand, I'd expect the Fed to fire up the printing press again.




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