4.18 Buy 7x option, 22.84 (Boll Top)
4.25 Buy 4x option,22.15 (Boll Mid trending down)
5.09 Buy 50x, 21.55   (bottom fishing at Boll bottom)
5.16 Buy 50x, 22.73   (chasing, almost boll top)
5.17 Buy 200x,   22.95. (chasing, almost boll top; sizing is completely wrong)
6.13 ~ 6.14 Buy 200x, 21.7 (bottom fishing at bottom of Boll 20; should have taken profit at 22 after the rebound to MA20.

4.29 Buy 2x, 319 for bottom fishing. (Call spread, turned out 4May was the only day to take profit from it, which is not crossing Boll mid yet).
Hard to improve this trade. Failed bottom fishing.

QQQ / DIA Spread
Tried to put on in MayH1 but unwound at end of May.

Very range bound through Jun/May. There was no momentum. Should have traded with more in-out with good discipline.

19May - 24May buy 400x at 118.5.
2Jun Buy 50x 116.54
6Jun Buy 150x 114.35
7Jun Sell 200x 115.28
13 Jun Sell 570x 110.87
Too early to call the recession theme. For a risky trade like this, should have cut loss at ~116 around 2May, when it crossed under Boll mid and gapped down (31May -2.21%, almost a 2std move). Instead I added at 116 cut at 111.

6.13 Buy 280x 25.7 (Buying a dip thats pretty high, just below Boll Top)
6.22 Sell 280x 23.7 (cut loss at Boll bottom, but could have cut loss on 6.17 above 24.5)