$Eidos Therapeutics, Inc.(EIDX)$ The data seem almost a worse case for EIDX (will be interesting to see their management spin). $辉瑞(PFE)$ had good efficacy and so set the bar high for a drug with a similar MOA. In addition, the lack of a dose response undermines the EIDX argument for why they would be better. Remember that EIDX was supposedly building a more effective tafamidis and that meant that one would expect a clear dose response. That is not what the PFE data showed and so how then will the EIDX beat the 30% benefit? What is the MOA that will allow them to significantly improve on PFE? It is not clear and that is why it is the clear loser from these data. It is not impossible but EIDX has an uphill climb at this point.


空龍2018-08-27 23:49